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Bachelor of secondary education: music education


When choosing music education, you choose for a personal creative experience. You are an enthusiastic musician, you play an instrument, you love to sing, you’re creative, it is your wish to make a living out of your hobby, you want to pass your love for music onto youngsters …

Dealing with music in all its aspects is offered through education provided in groups or individually. Beside this, you get the opportunity to develop your talents in projects and assignments. All of this leads to concerts, didactical and artistic projects and even a concert journey abroad …

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“Do you like it? Than you have to go for it!”
He saw that I really wanted to become a music teacher. He gave me courage, I felt so relieved and strong! 

“Although the base for every teacher is professional knowledge, an emphasis can be found on skills and attitudes as well.”

“Throughout the three training years you learn everything what a music teacher needs: guts/courage, motivation, patience, co-operation, insight, knowledge and a lot of skills!”