Campus quotes

“Working together as a team during the music project and the different concerts throughout the years are unforgettable!”

“The teachers on campus really motivate the students to let them become supremely dedicated, committed, engaged, … music teachers.”

"Even if you don't feel confident, the "fake it 'til you make it" approach can give you some of the benefits right away." 

(piano teacher)

“During the training, you don’t only get the chance to grow as a teacher, but also as a person you get the opportunity to grow and develop yourself.”

“The lecturer knew my weaknesses and always helped me in a respectful way to grow. She knew how much I wanted this.”

“We had to “go for it” on many levels, to discover what we wanted.”

“The close contact with the other music students really contributes to a fantastic environment on the arts campus Goudstraat, where everyone knows each other.” 

“Our hard work during the intensive training was rewarded with amazing performances, lifelong friendships and self-confidence which makes us able to teach music to a class full of critical teenagers.”

“The fantastic concert trip is one of the most beautiful moments I’ve ever experienced!”