SIHO presents a program full of inspiring speakers, new innovative support tools, opportunities to share experiences and good practices and to debate with management, professionals, politicians and students. 

Conference program

9:00     Registration and coffee

9:30     Welcome and introduction
Valérie Van Hees | Coordinator | SIHO

9:40    Qualitative support for students with autism spectrum disorder 
Prof. dr. Herbert Roeyers | Ghent University - Academic Collaborative Centre for Autism 

10:10    Roadmap: a support tool for students with autism spectrum disorder 
Lisa Herman - Valérie Van Hees | SIHO in cooperation with Student Counselling Office Ghent University - Academic Collaborative Centre for Autism 

11:10    Coffee Break

11:30    Book-a-Book: facilitating access to learning materials for students with disabilities
Roel Vuegen - Bart Peeters | SIHO - KU Leuven Bibliotheekdiensten - LIBIS 

12:10    Lunch - networking

13:10    Inclusive Mobility: enhancing qualitative international mobility experiences for students with disabilities 

Dominique Montagnese | SIHO - Confia International

Erasmus Student Network | ESN International

14:00   Strategies towards equity, diversity and inclusion at higher education institutions in Europe: INVITED project survey outcomes

Anna-Lena Claeys-Kulik | European University Association

14:30   Coffee Break

14:50  Panel qualitative support for students with disabilities in the various countries: on the way to inclusive education
A panel of international experts will inspire participants with strategies, policies and case studies that improve inclusion and the student experience of students with disabilities in higher education and international mobility programmes.


  • Dr. Marijke De Pauw | Interfederal Centre for Equal Opportunities Unia
  • Erasmus Student Network | ESN International
  • Anna-Lena Claeys-Kulik | European University Association 
  • Judith Jansen | Handicap + Studie Dutch expert centre for studying with disabilities
  • Anke Schoonhoven | SIHO

Moderator Dominique Montagnese  | SIHO - Confia International

16:10    Closing speeches

Represent Cabinet Flemish Minister of Education 

Dr. Imran Uddin | president SIHO

16:30    Reception

Target audience

This conference will bring together policy advisers, coordinators, disability practitioners, international officers, teaching staff, student services staff, students, national agencies, politicians, board members and all others interested in supporting students with disabilities in a qualitative manner. 

Information support tools

Learn more about Roadmap, Book-a-Book and